Tips for choosing the right riding boots

Tips for choosing the right riding boots

Horseback riding is one of the most beautiful sports that exist, and most rewarding when it comes to practicing them. There are several modalities for its practice being affordable for almost all ages and physical conditions, although it is true that its equipment and mainly the need to have the horse as a companion makes it a sport that is not available to everyone, especially in cities.

One of the points to take into account when practicing riding is the rider's clothing. Wearing appropriate clothing is essential for equestrian activity, as it can determine the comfort and safety with which we practice this sport.

One of the most important pieces of clothing is footwear. Knowing how to choose our boots is a fundamental aspect. In this article we give you some tips to know how to choose the riding boots that best suit you.

One of the main aspects that will determine the type of boot is the riding modality. We will choose one type of boot or another, depending on the needs, for example, to coarse mode, the materials of our boots should be more flexible when for example we will practice jumping and more rigid when used for dressage.

Another important aspect at the time of choosing our footwear is the meteorology, if we are going to mount to horse with low temperatures it is important the use of thermal materials, whereas for times of the year of high temperatures it is important to use boots made with highly breathable skins. If we're going to have to deal with water, then we'll need materials that prevent the water from boiling.

The sole is another important point to bear in mind, it will also be intimately linked to the use that we are going to give our footwear, we will have to choose: anti adherent, thick, subjection stirrup or even soles with air chamber.

Comfort in general is also important, we must bear in mind that, when trying on our boots, the right way to do it to know if we are on the path of the right choice, we must think that they are for riding and not for walking so we should feel comfortable with the fit in our leg, which is secure but not tight, should hold well on the twin and have a little looseness in the ankle. With time and use the boot will give way so it is okay to take a pair of boots with a slightly higher rod than we need.

Although there is a wide variety of models of all shapes and sizes nothing will fit our foot and calf better than custom-made boots. In order for them to make us a custom boots they will need 5 different sizes of our foot and our leg. On many occasions it will be worth paying a little more for a perfect fit to our foot.

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