Taking care of the skin of our handmade footwear

Taking care of the skin of our handmade footwear

The handmade footwear made of leather is a shoe that requires a series of care to prolong its longevity. The boots, boots and shoes that we manufacture at Sport y Equitación S.L. are made with different skins, one of the most used is the leather of steer or veal, which is shaped through a craft process in which the skins are natural and are not altered. Leathers are made of a living, organic material, and this is one of the characteristics that distinguish luxury leather footwear from other types of footwear. Synthetic leathers are generally of much lesser quality and real leathers used in industrial manufacturing processes are subjected to various treatments that reduce their flexibility, porosity, texture and shine. Boots or shoes made from genuine, quality leather that are properly cared for can last a lifetime. The natural leather is very resistant but with time and the action of external agents such as water, humidity, heat, sun can suffer aggressions. In order to maintain the naturalness of this type of footwear it is important to nourish and protect our footwear, which will allow a longer and more pleasant use.

Handmade footwear becomes more personal as we use it, acquiring the shape of our foot in a natural way, adapting to your foot and your way of walking and living. To get the most out of them in outings and events we must ensure that they grow old in good health. In this way they will maintain their essence and those characteristics that make them so personal. The care of the shoes guarantees the conservation of the leather, maintains its flexibility and its natural touch.

The quality of the leather is joined by stitching using the Goodyear or splicing system, which together offers a luxurious shoe that is worthy of being pampered to make us feel good about its use.

The process of caring for our natural leather footwear is very simple. The first thing is to regularly give cream to the footwear, there are several types of cream, some people even use the moisturizing cream for our skin, however in Sport and Equitation we have natural creams and pastes, specifically designed to maximize the care of our footwear.

Our cream is a natural, water-based product that contains no chemicals to prevent the skin from degrading. With this cream the footwear maintains its original color and shine.

Our paste also has a natural composition, created from beeswax and jojoba oil. This paste is the ideal complement to protect our footwear from these external aggressions.

Its use and application is simple, first clean the shoe with a brush or cloth, with the aim of removing dirt and dust from the outside, then apply the beeswax paste using a cloth or sponge, so that we can create a thin layer over the entire extent of the leather of the shoe. This operation must be carried out every 6 or 8 uses of the footwear.

The application of the cream will be occasional and will aim to enhance its original brightness and color. We will apply it for special occasions when we want to show off our footwear with its maximum splendour, just like the paste, once the footwear has been cleaned, a thin layer will be applied all over the surface, with the help of a cloth or a sponge, later we will wait for the cream to dry (10 minutes) and we will brush or pass another clean cloth. In this way it will shine again and show its most natural colour.

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