Types of boots 5V-Equitation Valverde

Types of boots 5V-Equitation Valverde

To decide which type of boot is best for you - and you can make the right choice - we'll explain the four types of boots:

  • Dressage boots.
  • Jumping boots.
  • Polo boots.
  • Riding boots.
  • Boots or camper boots.
  • Boots.
  • Shoes with gaiters.

The 5V dressage boots are very tall, cover the whole calf -practically below the knee- and have rubber or leather soles with rubber sheeting. His heel is low: about 3 centimeters. The skin is strong to maintain its linear structure. They are very tight, so you have to choose very well the measures or size. When wearing them it may cost a little, but this makes them fit the leg, giving a stylized image and retaining an elegant and austere line.

5V jumping boots are usually a little more flexible than dressage boots, as this discipline requires more freedom of movement and a lighter boot. Normally they usually have the zipper behind, so that in the jump the rider has a balanced sensation, avoiding at the same time any type of rubbing.

The boots of polo 5V have a strong leather, which allows a great protection to the rider against the blows and rubbing that this sport entails. They usually have a zipper at the front and it is advisable that they are highly resistant. In 5V we usually put metal zippers.

And so far, that's all there is to it. In later articles we will talk about the rest of the boots that we have left in the inkwell: boots or boots jackets, boots and gaiter shoes.

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